Tracker Rate

A type of mortgage whereby the rate of interest charged tracks another specified interest rate,

for example the Bank of England Base Rate.

Capital Repayment

A mortgage in which monthly charges are used to repay the interest and to reduce the outstanding capital.

Fixed Rate

A mortgage under which the rate of interest has been fixed for a specified period of time. This will

usually be between 2 and 10 years, with the advantage being the certainty that it provides to the borrower.

Interest Only Mortgage

A type of mortgage in which the borrower repays only the interest on the loan for the duration of its

term, and repays the full loan amount at the end of the mortgage period. There has been a lot of criticism

of interest only mortgages in the last few years and, as a consequence, many lenders have tightened up their

criteria or stopped lending on that basis. However, there is still a place in the market for interest only

mortgages and we will be able to advise you which lenders are still open to this kind of business.

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Choosing the right mortgage
Choosing the right mortgage can be confusing and the jargon that comes with it can be somewhat puzzling.

With a variety of different options available on the market it can be hard to find a deal that exactly matches your circumstances and budget. 

Here at James Young & Associates we pride ourselves on giving clear and simple advice and offer the best deals for every client.

Repayment Type


Discounted Rate

With a discount mortgage you initially pay a rate of interest that is a set amount below the lender's standard
variable rate (SVR), for a specified period of time, after which you revert to the SVR.

​Interest Rate Options

We specialise in arranging bespoke mortgages based on analysis of the entire market, taking an impartial view on your behalf.

We understand that your mortgage may be the biggest financial commitment you take on in your life, and we endeavour

to find a solution that fully suits your needs and your financial position.

Unlike many brokers, we have established relationships with key lenders, including those that do not have a high street presence. We also have access to products that may not be available direct with the lenders.  Once the mortgage application has been submitted to the lender, our team manage the process through to offer and liaise with your solicitor, so as to minimise any delays in your purchase or remortgage.


Here is a quick summary of what you will need to consider: